Thursday Morning

I am up bright and early this morning however that is no real surprise as I fell asleep quite early last night.  Today I am faced with Mikes first day at the daycare centre. It reminds me slightly of a first day at school.  The next problem is what to do with myself while he is out.  I could go anywhere and do anything or I could just enjoy the peace and quiet of my home to myself and do NOTHING.  At the moment sitting here in the dark and cold doing nothing is a high priority.  

Shiona and I discussed hotels and I have left that in her capable hands.  I must admit that delegation is something I am no longer familiar with and it feels strange.  She is a very competent person so I have left this in good hands.  We had our usual visit to Aldi for a few bits and bobs and were delighted when we got home as James had taken it upon himself to make a pasta carbonara and it was hot and ready as we came through the door.  What a treat!!!! Next week we are invited to visit Shiona while Mike is out so that will make a lovely change.  Tubby as yet has not seen her huge garden or fallen in her pond so he too will have a good day.  Having a day off each week is going to be a bit of a novelty and is going to take a bit of getting used to.  

I bought some frozen chicken pieces in Aldi and have roasted them off in the halogen oven and today they are going to form the base of my gravy for Christmas lunch.  Then off to the freezer until needed and that will be one job out of the way.  I am not sure how well fed Mike will be on his return so supper is a bit of an unknown quantity.  Anyway we will play it by ear and see what and how much he fancies.  

Well I am quietly freezing to death here so I am going back to my bed to warm up a bit before I really face the day.  Have a good day all and tomorrow I will tell you what I did with my copious free time.
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