Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Well winter is here it is only 4 degrees this morning so very chilly and yesterday was just as cold.  Fortunately the house is nice and warm with the central heating going.  We had a very pleasant morning with Shiona, who was feeling a few degree under but decided to visit anyway. We had the inevitable trip to Aldi to replenish her chocolate supplies and though all I needed was some milk I did a bit of impulse shopping.  Lunch was nice and easy as I had made the dauphinoise the day before so all it needed was heating up and it made a lovely accompaniment to the fillets of Bassa [also called river cobbler] with a light tempura coating and a radicchio rosso salad.  When it came to supper Mike was the only one who was hungry so he order a couple of pizzas, one for himself and one for James and I to share.  Sadly I am always disappointed by take away pizza they don't travel well and invariably arrive somewhat soggy.  Gone is the lovely crisp base which has become wet cardboard.  Of all the takeaway items this seems to me to be the least successful. Anyway we ate it anyway with the dogs doing rather well from the leftovers.

Now on to matters medical as you know I have been keeping you up to date with what has been happening with the tablets prescribed by the doctor.  Over the two months that I have been taking them I have had no real relief of symptoms so I did a bit of research on withdrawal and frightened myself to death.  I have a friend who was on antidepressants and had the devil's own job getting off them.  So with this in mind I have decided to try coming off the tablets and see what happens.  If I start to deteriorate badly I will refill the prescription or go and see the doctor.  I must admit I feel stronger in myself and things are going a bit better at home so I am hopeful.  Anyway it may be a fluke but after not taking a tablet last night I woke this morning completely flutter free for the first time in ages.  Tonight I will take one and then leave two days between that and the next so I gradually reduce what is circulating in my system.  Fingers crossed that I am successful as I really hate taking them as they make me so lethargic.  I am working on the principle that the longer your body is accustomed to a chemical change the more difficult it is to abandon it so the sooner I can get off them the better.

Today is going to be a quiet day with nothing much happening so I will make a start on the kitchen which I left in a bit of a mess last night.  I have been refilling the pond to make it a bit safer and have now only about 6 inches more to finish filling it which will take the best part of today.  It takes about three hours to raise the water level an inch so you can see it is a major job. Not to mention rather costly on the metered water supply.  I have switched off the fountain so that no more water gets blown into the flower beds so hopefully once it is up to level it will stay that way. The main pump and filtration system are still on and I have fixed the return pipe so that it cannot be diverted by the wind.  Fingers crossed this will solve the problem once and for all.

On that happy note I will leave you and get on with something more constructive.  Have a good day and wrap up warm it is perishing.
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