Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was my day for doing an impression of a sloth, I froze myself early in the morning so went back to bed to warm up and promptly fell asleep.  I made toad in the hole for lunch and for supper we had a takeaway burger and chips - how lazy is that!!!! The only saving grace is that I did catch up with acres of pre-recorded TV.  

Today will have to be a different matter as I have intentions of making a dauphinoise to go with the steak we have for lunch and as I have a whole pot of cream I may well do some creamed leeks by way of a vegetable.  I did feel sorry for those having bonfire parties as the weather was horrid and wet but the display of fireworks from the local pub was lovely and I could just sit and watch them from my bedroom window.  I have a passion for fireworks but have yet to see a display like those in Trieste where they set them off from barges out at sea so you get the double whammy with the reflection in the water and the bangers shake the window in the town.  

After tending my orchids all summer one of them has now burst into flower which is pleasing but what has surprised me is that the flower have a vague pink tinge which I have not seen before as the flowers were previously pure white.

Well the light is just climbing over the trees and before I freeze myself again I am off to the kitchen to make some preparations.  Have a great day all......
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