Sunday morning

Good morning all it is pretty chilly here today but we are dry with thick fog.  November is almost finished then only 15 days to go before the French trip.  I am keeping everything crossed that the weather stays kind to us and I will be feeling better in myself.  Each day I look out and hope that the leaves will finally have dropped from my wisteria so that I can tidy it up and tie it back to it posts but it is still very green and showing no signs of leaf fall.  Everything else in the garden seems to know that winter is coming but the wisteria is very stubborn.  I frightened myself to death yesterday reading an article predicting really bad weather for the UK coming soon.   I can only hope they have got it wrong and the bad weather won't hit until much later. The long wait to pick up the puppy does two things it allows you to build excitement and also to panic over what might occur. Talking of panic my panic attacks seem to have dissipated completely.  I neither know where they came from nor where they have gone but I am very happy to be free of them and any medication.

Yesterdays roast chicken kept us fed for the day. Hot for lunch and cold for supper in sandwiches which were probably more Hellmann's than chicken.  The carcass is now boiling merrily in the slow cooker so I hope the stock will be ready for a risotto for lunch.  I learned a long time ago that the quality of a risotto depends on the the quality of the stock you use.  At a push I have used stock cubes but you can't beat the real thing.  As I have both dried and fresh mushrooms I think that will be the flavour chosen.  James voiced a hankering for a lasagne so I may make a batch of bolognese sauce which would not go amiss in the freezer anyway as it is a very handy standby.  I usually make this in quantity as there is too much work to make just one portion.  After all if you are chopping an onion you may as well chop 3.  Once the meat is prepared it is merely an assembly job and let the thermomix make gallons of white sauce.  Being a bit of a purist I use the pasta which needs a pre boil as it doesn't soak up all the sauce while cooking.  If you are using the dried ready to use type then you need a much wetter sauce to accommodate it.  Of course a real purist would make the pasta too!!!!

That's about it for this morning time to get this show on the road - have a good day all and keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds for me and my french trip.

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