Sunday Morning

Good morning one and all, yesterday was a bit on the miserable side weather wise with frequent showers.  We managed to get caught in one while we were out with the dogs.  Tubby as usual was very excited running about barking as we got him out of the car.  A gentleman was passing with a huge rottweiler who completely ignored Tubby's antics, the look of disappointment on his face was very amusing not only was she not impressed she didn't even acknowledge his existence. She had obviously had experience of silly young men and chose to ignore him completely which baffled him utterly.

The shoulder of lamb spent many hours in the oven on a low temperature which ensured that the extra fat rendered out and left the meat very succulent and tasty.  I suppose it was "pulled lamb" which seems to be all the craze at moment.  There is enough left for a small shepherds pie so that is what I am intending to make first thing.  If only I had had the sense to boil a few more potatoes I would have had enough for the pie.  Instead of which I am going to have to make more mash this morning.  Supper was a bit of a revelation as I made some pizza hedgehogs with mozzarella that had been in the freezer.  I have never tried to freeze this cheese before but it worked fine I wouldn't have wanted to eat it as cheese but melted on a pizza it was fine.  The laundry got done but is now dangling around the dining room which looks like a chinese laundry. 

For lunch today I have some pork belly strips which I intend to roast in soy sauce, honey and garlic and serve with rice and whatever vegetables I can find.  If I get them into their marinade soon they will have time to absorbs some of the flavour before they hit the oven.  I believe we are in for another day of showers but at least it is not too cold, in fact as I look out into the darkness I can see it is already raining.  This sort of weather certainly makes you appreciate the sun when you do see it.

The lady for whom I am fetching a puppy from Normandy has kindly sent me cheque to help with the costs and in many ways it will be nice for Dan the man to have his brother living close by - maybe we can have some walks together as they grow up, they will only be some 20 miles away.

Anyway that is about it for this morning lots for me to be getting on with so I will hit the kitchen, and if I have the stamina also the ironing board. Enjoy your day and I hope the rain doesn't spoil your plans.

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