Sunday morning

Yesterday was a day best forgotten.  I think the scottish word dreek covers it.  It poured with rain for the best part of the day and I was not feeling the full ticket. I had had a disturbed night and really wasn't in the mood.  Consequently the crab linguine was all but inedible even the dogs were unimpressed though they did demolish it.  The problem was one of proportion there was sufficient brown meat for 20 people so it was too strong and too overpowering. I have always maintained that cooking is an art form and if you are not in the mood then it shows in the results.  The white crab meat did make some decent sandwiches and tin of sliced peaches and some ready made custard had to suffice for supper.  Today I have some nice pork chops for lunch and had better make a better fist of them.  I have a savoy cabbage which I intend to braise with bacon by way of accompaniment.  The recipe is courtesy of  Verza stufata (Braised Savoy Cabbage) As I have tons of carrots I may also add a few to the dish.

I slept a bit better last night though still not as well as I would like as I kept waking up every couple of hours finally waking with the panic symptoms at around 2am.  At this point I decided self help was in order so I put on the lights sat up and had a drink gave myself a serious talking too and then settled down and slept well.  This is the first real attack I have had since relinquishing the tablets.  Today I intend to keep busy and hope to sleep better tonight indolence doesn't suit me.  Given that the problems are created by my mind then it should be within the capability of my mind to deal with them. Besides I can't afford to go crazy just yet as I will have a puppy to deal with.  I know you think I am very naughty but I promise if the symptoms persist I will go back and see the quack.  However if I can deal with this without drugs so much the better.  Green tea is supposed to be good for anxiety so I may give that a go as a bedtime drink.  Camomile tea is supposed to do the same but I hate with a passion so it will have to be the green tea.

Ok that is my plan for today but first I am going to have a good long soak and change my bed sheets. The laundry is piling up and it is no good waiting for some decent weather there is none on the horizon.  The sun is up but we are still wreathed in cloud and the prospects are for more rain. No more dithering time to get moving.  I only hope your weekend is going better than mine!!!!!!

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