Sunday Morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday I caught up with all the laundry and today it is the shopping that needs catching up with.  Though I did have one foray out to buy myself a new watch strap.  As it happened this was no easy task as the strap is a metal one and the first two jewelers only had leather straps. Finally I found what I was looking for and I now have a nice stainless steel strap. The watch is one of the self winding type which never needs a battery and is waterproof so I never take it off. It is also the size of Big Ben so I can read it without glasses.  

I made masses of meatballs which we had for lunch with pasta and tomato sauce and the leftover meatballs did us for supper as well.  Today for lunch I have some pork chops which I intend to do with a tray of roasted roots as I have a few vegetables to use up.  The good thing about roasted roots is any leftovers make a good soup.  

The puppies breeder has asked me for a name so that she can start the socialisation process with his new name so Dante it is which I am sure will get shortened to Dan.  Now all I need to hope is that he doesn't put me through the nine circles of hell!!!! lets hope we go straight to paradise.  

Well that about it for this morning time to get stuck into the ironing and veg preparation then it will be a trawl around the shops to restock on a few basics.  

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