Saturday Morning

Good morning all.  For those of you who like pizza but baulk at the effort of making the real thing here is a really good cheat.  I pinched it from
The original recipe is in Italian but google will translate it for you.  Anyway this is what I did.  I bought 4 bread rolls which were not too crisp and not too soft then sliced them part way through to look like a hedgehog.

Next I put a tray of cherry tomatoes cut in half into the oven which was cooling down just to cook a little and dry out a bit.

Then it was just a case of stuffing the gaps with the tomatoes followed by chunks of mozzarella cheese. The whole thing was then sprinkled with oregano and splashed over with olive oil.

Then into a 200 oven for about 10 -15 minutes until lovely and crispy and full of molten cheese and tomato.

I did four buns but there is no reason you could not do a dozen for a party or just a single one for yourself and believe me when I say that these have more to do with pizza than those soggy things from the takeaway.  Do please give this one a go it is worth the effort.

So that is what I did for supper and it was very well received.  

Yesterday in email I received some more photos of Dan the man on his first outing to his breeders grooming business.  

Please note the size of his slippers he is going to grow to the size of a polar bear at this rate.  And as for that face could you resist him?  Apparently he took it all in his stride in a very laid back spinone sort of way.  It is nice to know that his education is progressing well and some of the basic work will be done by the time I collect him.

Well thats about it for today at least it is dry at the moment but according to the weather forecast we are in for another soggy day.
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