Saturday morning

Diane looks better now

Nothing like a trip to the human groomer [Hairdresser] to make you look a bit more presentable and hopefully it should last until the new year. Amazing what can be done with some shampoo, a brush and a pair of sharp scissors in skilled hands.  The rest of the morning was taken up with kitchen duties.  I had a small pumpkin, a butternut squash and some romero peppers so the whole lot got a good roasting in the halogen oven along with the usual suspects of onion and garlic then it was a case of adding gallons of stock and blitzing in the thermomix until I had enough soup to feed the British army.  Yesterday was a sort of vegetable day as we had a baked potato each for lunch with an assortment of stuff to put on the top and a big bunch of watercress to accompany.  Then by supper time the soup was finally finished so just the addition of a swirl of cream and that was that.  This morning I have the leftover soup to deal with and get into the freezer.  One portion has gone on the dogs biscuits for their breakfast but I still have several portions which will freeze for some other day. On my way back from the hairdresser I dropped into Tesco to buy some squash and saw they had lamb shoulders at half price well who can resist that!!!  Lunch today will be slow roast lamb shoulder with mash and curly kale.  Although it is more fatty I do prefer the flavour of shoulder to leg and either makes a good shepherds pie with the leftovers.

I have a mountain of washing also waiting for my attention - thank goodness for washing machines and at this time of year tumble dryers too.  Only 23 days to go to puppy pick up!!!! Now I have to hope that the head gardener doesn't decide to cover us with snow until after that day.  I must admit that driving the landrover in the snow is no problem in fact it is great fun.  I have taken it out on a snowy days just to test its capabilities and found it is completely impossible to make the thing skid no matter how I tried.  However I would prefer a good weather run to Normandy.  I am also making contingency plans in case "Dan the man" is still carsick when we pick him up.  I will line the dog crates with inco-pads and take a big pack of baby wipes and nappy sacks incase we have a pukey journey home.  Basso, god rest his soul, puked all over me on the way home from Redruth in Cornwall. Lesson learned!!!!  The car is already kitted out with water bottles and dog dishes so hopefully I have covered all eventualities.  As space is not a problem I thought I might put a pair of sleeping bags in the back just to make sure we don't freeze if there is some sort of problem.  Have I forgotten anything?

Well thats about it for this morning time to get the machines working.  Have a good weekend all.

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