Saturday Morning

What a very wet day it was yesterday we had loads of rain but none of the high winds we were forecast.  However at least the temperatures were mild and as I wasn't planning anything outdoors it wasn't too bad at all.  The base for my gravy is now made and the meat from the chicken went into a chicken curry for lunch,  I did notice that it was my last pack of curry sauce so it is time to make another batch for the freezer.  The partridge we had been using for training also ended up in the curry. I did have a fairly major shop at least it was major in terms of  weight between packs of 2 litre bottles of fizzy water and kilos of dog biscuits it weighed a ton.  However, stupidly, at this time I was unaware that I needed to make more curry sauce or I would have bought the ingredients.  For supper we had a salmon en croute [ready made] which just needed blasting in the oven and filled the hunger gap.  I also rang Eurotunnel and booked in a second dog for the return journey so we are now all set for the pick up. [30 days to go]

Today I have in mind to make a crab linguini as I have a block of frozen crab meat both brown and white meat.  Yes I do know that fresh is better but boiling and picking over crabs is lots of work so I thought I would give the frozen stuff a go and cut my work load.  The older I get the lazier I become!!!!  At the moment it is dry but the garden is sopping wet from yesterday's deluge so any laundry will not stand a chance of drying outside as it is as still as the grave not even a breath of air.  I guess it will be another job for the tumble dryer.

Mike was very tired yesterday after his day at the daycare centre and though he felt bored there was obviously lots of mental stimulation as it was a new place and new people.  I hope that this is going to be really good for him and may kick him into a bit of action.  He is already looking for excuses for not going next week but I have quashed them all as he does need to give it a fair trial before throwing in the towel.

Well thats about it for today nothing of any great interest winter is so dull and with no dog or hunting it is really dragging.  I think I really must get myself out to do a bit of clay shooting just to break the monotony.
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