Saturday Morning

Sunrise over Bartlett Creek

Yesterday was one of relaxation I spent quite a while in bed just resting and recuperating and watching garbage TV.  I was surprised how completely shattered I was but then again it was one hell of a drive.  I kept nodding off and must have slept for many hours.  James took up the slack and did both lunch and supper.  Interestingly I woke this morning feeling fine for the first time in ages so perhaps all that sleep did me some good.

Now all I have to do is wait for 6 weeks before I can go and collect the puppy - I anticipate these being the longest 6 weeks ever.  I think I will be like a child waiting for Christmas.  Shiona has volunteered to do the pick up run with me as she is very accustomed to driving to Scotland so the long drive will not phase her.  This time we will do it in two bites drive down on the 15th stay in an hotel and then pick up the puppy on the 16th and drive like hell for Calais.

Today I need to get back in the traces and get on with some work around the house.  The laundry pile is huge so that is where I will start.  The weather today is meant to be sunny so hopefully I can get it all dry outside.  I have some mince in the freezer so I think meatballs and pasta would be a good lunch.  As it is the first of the month I also have a few monthly chores to do starting with the pond which has suffered from the wind which has blown lots of water out via the fountain so I think I will switch it off for the winter.  The green house also wants clearing out of the tomato plants which have done their thing.  Anyway plenty to keep me occupied - have a great day all.

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