Monday Morning

Well yesterday we had a yellow weather warning; it was due to rain and believe me it did, not heavily but constantly.  I got most of the chores done in the morning and the belly strips in barbecue sauce went down well for lunch.  I was going to make a cauliflower puree which has ended up rather too liquid so I added a dollop of mash to it and now it is neither one thing nor the other so today I am going to run it down with lots of stock and call it soup!!!

Just when I thought the day was a total write off there was a knock at the door and there stood Chris my Japanese neighbours husband and in his hand he had a pastel drawing which he had done from a photo.  When I saw it I was bowled over he has captured the subject perfectly.  It was difficult to take a photo in artificial light as the glass reflects everything so I have had to take it from an angle. But I am sure you will recognise the subject.

He has got the eyes perfectly and only the owner can tell that, the likeness is amazing that is my boy Basso looking back at me.  I think you will agree that the likeness is uncanny.  Does he do this professionally? no this is a hobby.  With this level of skill he really should be selling his pictures but no, so I have ordered a box of pastels for him which should go some way to defray the costs.  What a talent!!!!  As you can tell I am over the moon with the picture it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up is it so real.

Well that was yesterday, today we are back to treading water again and counting the days - Dan the man is due for his rabies injection today so lets hope all goes well.  I had a nice chat on the phone with Sally who is having the other puppy we are bringing back and both of us are going quietly crazy with the waiting.  I had sent her a short piece of video film of Basso at work which she was keen to see as she has never worked her spinone.  It is very nice to compare notes with another owner as they a few and far between in the south of the UK.  Most of the spinone are used on grouse moors where their skills are put to better use.

Anyway having failed miserably to do the ironing yesterday I had better get stuck in today before the pile reaches the first floor.  
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