Monday morning

Well yesterday was a better day in all respects though it wasn't sunny it was at least dry and I was a bit more lively so lunch was not a disaster like the previous day.  The braised cabbage drew some sideways glances from the men but once they tasted it they were converted.  Essentially the recipe is simple, just fry a clove of garlic in some olive oil and then remove it. Then add your pancetta or bacon and fry until cooked but not browned. Next add the savoy cabbage, not chopped too small, and in my case a couple of sliced carrots.  Then pour in enough good stock to come halfway up the cabbage slam on a lid and simmer until done.  Then remove the lid and blast until all the liquid is gone. I also decided to liven up the pork chops so I put some commercial sage and onion stuffing mix in the thermo /blender and blasted it to very fine crumbs.  Each chop was dunked in this mixture and well coated then into the halogen oven to cook meanwhile I made a big pot of mashed potatoes.  A good dollop of apple sauce and lunch was done.  I had rather overdone the quantity of vegetables but they did make the most superior bubble and squeak for supper.  

For ages I have been without a clock in my bedroom as I passed mine on to Mike so finally I purchased a clock but this one also gives you temperature for outside and inside.  As it was dry I decided to sleep with my door open which is how I prefer it.  When I checked the temperatures my room was at 10ºC while the outside was at 6ºC.  Once I am up the first thing I do is shut the door to the outside and open up the internal door so I get some heat from the rest of the house.  Wrap myself in my toasty dressing gown and head straight for the coffee machine. By the time I return to get dressed the room is back up to temperature so I don't freeze while dressing.   I seem to sleep better in a cold room with loads of fresh air but it does have disadvantages I have been woken by both rain and snow blowing over me in the middle of the night.  

My kitchen looks like a bomb has exploded in it so I will have to start with a grand clear up and after watching James Martin cooking a leg of lamb on  a rack over a tray of potatoes boulangere that really appeals to me and I know there will be plenty to make a shepherds pie with after we have given it a bit of a bashing.  So once I am dressed and the kitchen is in a bit better shape I am off to find a leg of lamb and a pile of baking potatoes.  I have leeks which I intend to use instead of onions in the potatoes.  

This week is looking a bit busier than last week tomorrow the wonderful Deny is due to come and clean then on Wednesday I am off to Faversham with Elaine to buy coffee and the ingredients for my curry sauce.  Then on Thursday Mike is off to school and I am off to Shionas house and on Friday I am having my hair cut.  Then that is another week gone not that I am counting you understand.  Have a good one whatever you have planned and lets hope for a few dry days!!!!
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