Monday morning

Good morning all yet another wet day, yesterday was horrid most of the day both windy and wet.  I went and did a big shop first thing which I must admit is not my favourite occupation.  Anyway I am now fairly well stocked up so hopefully I can avoid the shops for few days.  While I was in Aldi I picked up some coquille st jacques and some ramekins of crab with spring onion and ginger.  I was very pleasantly surprised as they were both really nice.  As you know I am not one for ready made things but these were well worth it and made a very decent supper.  I had anticipated having leftover roasted roots but as it turned out they were all demolished so there was no soup for supper.

Today I have a pretty empty day ahead of me and with the state of the weather it looks like a cooking day.  I got all the laundry processes and put away yesterday and my orchids got their weekly soak. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day as we are expecting Denny and also the occupational therapist to come and see Mike.  I hope she can find something for him to occupy himself. I have tried in vain to get him interested in things but he is very resistant to my suggestions.  In my humble opinion what he needs is to get out and mix with other people which will at the very least give him a subject for conversation.

Shiona is coming over on Wednesday so we can plan our trip to pick up Dante.  This time it will definitely have to be a two day trip so we will have to do some research on an hotel for the night.  On the last trip I expected to drive past the odd few hotels but on the route I took there was nothing until we had reached Le Havre by which time we were on the motorway to Calais.  

Well that about it for today I am off to the kitchen to play with the food for today and tomorrow.  Have a good day all.......

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