Monday morning countdown 34 days to you know what!!!

Good morning all I don't know if you have seen the film "Groundhog Day" but that is just how it feels here at the moment I seem to be on an endless treadmill.  Endless days that seem to be all the same with little or no variation to break the monotony.  I suppose it is just the waiting which makes it feel that way.  I have endless patience to do fiddly little things but when it comes to waiting for things I have zero patience.  If I am waiting for someone to arrive I pace like a caged tiger.  

Mark the gardener was due today but it is pouring with rain at the moment so I am not sure if he will come it is a bit pointless gardening in the rain.  I am going to roast a chicken for lunch today so first things first I had better get it out of the fridge to get to room temperature.  It is quite surprising how long it takes for a lump of meat to warm up from the fridge.  The chicken will as usual be roasted in the halogen oven as I have yet to find a better or quicker way.  As the oven was on yesterday doing the dauphinoise I also put in some sweet potato wedges and when I turned the oven off I put in a tray of cherry tomatoes ready to make another pizza hedgehog.  Seeing Joy doing all sorts of christmas things I must admit it is time I put my mind to making a few preparations.  I like to do things like the gravy, bread sauce, pigs in blankets and stuffing in advance and put them in the freezer so I am largely left with just the bird and the veg to do on christmas day.  Talking of veg my box this week has the following contents.
  • potatoes (desiree) UK
  • carrots (Norwich) UK
  • leeks (+20% extra) UK
  • parsnips UK
  • savoy cabbage UK
  • ramiro pepper UK/ES
  • chestnut mushrooms 200g UK
  • butternut squash FR
I think a leek and potato soup is on the cards especially as I will have the stock from the chicken carcass.  While the chicken is roasting I usually prepare a pot for the stock with the usual suspects carrot, onion, celery and a bay leaf or two.  I also spotted a nice recipe for savoy cabbage braised with pancetta which sounds rather nice.  

Well it has finally stopped raining and the light has made it over the trees and I can hear the laundry calling to me!!!!

Have a good day all whatever you have planned......
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