Saturday morning

Good morning all, I am up bright and early as usual but I did go to sleep early too.  It is very mild at the moment and as I am not feeling 100 percent I have organised a nice easy lunch for today. I have a small chicken which will either be roast plain or jointed and cooked with lemon and thyme.  Either way it is going to be a one pot wonder. The houses is cold as the heating doesn't come on till 4 am so I am jotting these notes from my nice warm bed using my iPad.  It does make typing a bit slow so I will keep it short.  Just to keep you informed.  I am doing a lot of sleeping which can only be good for me.  One thing is for certain I am glad to get the snivels over before the French trip.  I am going to close as this is painfully slow. However I may add to the bog once I as up and running and feeling a bit more human.  Have a good day all will be with you again shortly.
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