Friday Morning

Loaf from yesterdays recipe ready to go in the oven.  This was really tasty but the texture was a bit peculiar more like a pate which would go really well with melba toast and a big salad and would be ideal for a summer lunch.

Shiona arrive a bit later yesterday as her dogs had decided to roll in something noxious and had to be bathed before putting in the car. Not too difficult a task with westies a bit more of a challenge with a big dog but fortunately Basso never rolled in anything.  I was still off colour with what is trying to be a cold I think.  However, it has progressed no further than my nose which is streaming.  No other symptoms except I feel rubbish and would cheerfully take to my bed and stay there.

Mike had his day at the care centre and came home like a bear with a sore head.  I ran through the usual questions like, did you have a good day? what did you have for lunch? etc only to be met with monosyllabic answers.  He was spoiling for a fight so we ate our supper quickly and beat a hasty retreat.  The occupational therapist is coming to see him today and I will have a word with her as Mike is making it patently clear that he doesn't want to go to the centre.  On the other hand it does give me a couple of hours of peace and quiet.  Once Dan the man is here I will have a valid excuse to go out as he will need exercising and training and car experience given he is still a bit carsick.  

Well James has just returned from Tesco having done the shopping and it is only 5am so we are all set up for the day now.  Today for lunch I intend to make a ham and leek pie - with the thermomix making a white sauce so easily it should take no time at all.

Have a good day all it is dry and mild here at the moment......
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