Friday morning

Good morning all. Yesterday went according to plan once I had Mike loaded on to the bus James myself and the two dogs drove over to Shiona's house where we had a lovely day.  Shiona had a widower friend from Canada staying with her and he was great fun to talk to.  He had been working for BOAC when I was flying to Nigeria as an unaccompanied minor.  At this time the departure terminal was a nissen hut in the garden and the flight took 72 hours with refueling stops in Rome, Tripoli, Kano finally landing in Lagos.  I think it made him chuckle to think I could remember those early flying days.  We had a nice lunch and then had a lovely walk with the dogs in the sunshine. The only fly in the ointment was that James did find the going a bit much for his poor foot.  What might appear to be level even ground to us was a real assault course for him.  Anyway Tubby though he had died and gone to heaven as not only did he get a great walk but Shiona's garden is huge by comparison with ours so he was one exhausted boy when we got him home he munched through his supper then became unconscious!!!!  I was green with envy as that is exactly what I would have like to do but sleep was not on my agenda.

It took us quite a while to get home as we managed to catch all the rush hour traffic in Maidstone but we arrived very shortly after the bus had dropped Mike off.  He was still sitting in the dark in his coat exhausted from his day of boredom!!!  One of the other clients had brought in her collection of paper clippings which chronicled Mikes days as a badminton player.  She had kept them all as he was her son's coach.  Sadly even this didn't seem to brighten him up.  I would have thought he would have been thrilled I know I would have been.  Anyway at least it gave us something to talk about if nothing else.

Now if you watch TV I am sure you are sick of the election in Rochester and Strood.  It did interest me as it is the next constituency to us.  Anyway suffice to say a bloody nose was delivered to all the major parties as UKIP got in with a decent majority.  Lets hope this is the kick in the backside they need to realise the populace are not happy with them.

Today my first call will be to the hairdresser, and Chrissie you describe exactly how I am with the thought of a hair cut. I too always leave it too late!!!!  What I will never understand is how your hair can go from fine to disaster with just 2 angstroms of growth.

I made my curry sauce before leaving yesterday and put in the slow cooker on low so this morning now that is has cooled down I can start filling half litre boxes and getting them into the freezer.  I hope I have made enough to keep me going until after Christmas.  Anyway first and foremost I must go and get dressed before I freeze.  It is a chilly 6ÂșC outside and sitting around typing doesn't keep you warm.  Have a good day all 
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