Friday morning

Well Mike survived his day at the day centre though he did feel it was pretty boring.  We expected this as thursday is apparently the most boring group of people.  Having said that when we had a post school debriefing he did have quite a lot to talk about.  He even bumped into a lady whose son he had coached at badminton many years ago.  He sat with a guy who was not impressed that he is 75 "a mere child" he was informed by the 93 year old.  One thing is for certain he came home poleaxed tired and I think he will sleep very well. He managed to win 50p at the bingo and a bar of chocolate in the raffle so he did quite well.  I hope that this will be a bit of a turning point for him there is nothing like seeing a room full of people who are much worse off than yourself to make you rethink your situation.

Now as for me I was sitting moaning that my feet were cold at which point James jumped in his car and headed for Aldi where they have 2tog socks for sale.  I had bought several pairs for James as he needs to keep his foot warm but omitted to buy myself some.  I now have 2 pairs and will never have cold feet again they are really the most toasty warm things ever.  

I occupied myself in the kitchen making a dish I found on the Aldi recipe site.  It is very easy and tasty and makes an ideal supper dish.  First you make a batch of pancakes - you know the usual mix 4 oz flour 2 eggs and half a pint of milk.  Then the filling is made with defrosted frozen prawns which are mixed with a tin of drained tuna and some cream cheese or creme fraiche.  The pancakes are filled with the mixture and rolled up cigar fashion and put in a dish.  You then make a tomato sauce from a tin of tomatoes and some garlic and oregano and tip it over the top.  Then all you need do is warm it through before eating - it doesn't need cooking as everything is already cooked.  I held the sauce back until we were ready to eat as I didn't want the pancakes to become too soggy.  I can recommend this to you as a very nice easy and tasty dish. With a nice mixed salad it would make a good light lunch or supper.

According to the weather forecast we are in for a deluge and high winds today.  It is already pouring hard so I think they have got this one right. Anyway I for one am quite happy as it will fill my pond for me on the cheap.

The chicken stock is made so today I will finish off the gravy and get it in the freezer and the meat from the chicken pieces will end up in a curry for lunch.  Well that is the plan for the day such as it is hope you don't get too wet.  
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