Friday morning

Well real underwater weather this morning it is pouring with rain and blowing a gale.  Mark the gardener was going to pay us a visit but I think his time would be completely wasted all that would be accomplished is for him to get soaked.  You will notice that I am up particularly late this morning but that is because I slept like the dead with no medication and woke feeling fine.  I know it is early days yet but it does lead me to believe I am better off unmedicated.  

Yesterday for lunch we had a very tasty cauliflower cheese alongside some really crispy streaky bacon.  Making a cheese sauce in the thermomix is such a doddle. Just chuck everything in and switch on.  No standing and stirring and hey presto a perfectly smooth sauce.  The addition of some bread crumbs and grated cheddar on the top made a nice crunchy topping.  Supper was another breakfast dish, big thick slices of buttered toast smothered in scrambled eggs.  

Today for lunch I have some curly kale so I will have to look out for something to with it I quite fancy some nice beef and onion pies and gallons of gravy.  Now here I must make an admission the beef and onion pies are ready made from Aldi.  I very rarely like ready made stuff but these are really rather nice and a nice quick lunch for us.  

The house for sale next door has been having some water problems and yesterday we had the waterboard outside for much of the day digging a massive hole and in the end they have capped off the water to the house as they think the leak is somewhere between the road and the ingress of the house.  This will mean digging up the front path and front step, not a small job.  I think this may well impact on the house sale.  Anyway fortunately it doesn't affect us.  

Well as I am us so late I am way behind in my morning chores so time to get myself going and get on with something useful.  Have a good day all even if it is a bit soggy!!!!
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