Wenesday Morning

Yesterday morning went according to plan James and I walked the dogs and opted for the woods where there is some shelter from the rain.  Then we swung by Tesco for a few odds and ends and back home to pick Mike up for his visit to audiology.  This struck me as a total waste of time as once I had wheeled Mike the full length of the hospital and sat and waited for half an hour we were treated to watching a lady change the tubes on the hearing aids.  It struck me that it was like taking a pair of shoes to be repaired but the cobbler insisting that you be there in person to watch.  Why we couldn't just hand in the hearing aids and collect them when they were done or better still they could have been posted.  Anyway enough moaning it just made lots of hassle for us for no good reason. James had tried to get Mikes medication from the pharmacy but as usual there had been a cock up and they were unavailable despite the fact they had been ordered a week ago.  By the time we got home it was lunchtime and we had bought a platter of cold meats which we devoured with some crusty bread.  I had run out of gas having been up very early so I crashed out in bed and slept well for 2 hours.  I had bought some ciabatta rolls which we had with lovely aberdeen angus beef burgers for our supper.  I personally hate burger buns as they are very sweet.

I spoke with Sandy and it seems her brother in law is making progress though the MRI scan was a washout as he was too restless.  Obviously they are very worried as to how he will be if he does recover and how they are going to manage if he is discharged home to his elderly wife who will not be able to cope.  I have asked Sandy to save me a badly shot pheasant which I can put in the freezer for training purposes.  We thought we would see what Tubby makes of a real bird given he is so good at retrieving dummies and thinks he is a gun dog.  It will be quite a while before I can use cold game with the new puppy and there is lots of basic training to be accomplished first.

Yesterday evening I discovered that Aldi have loads of recipes on their web site some of which look really rather interesting.  I was particularly struck by a savoury bread and butter pudding made with ham sandwiches and covered with grated cheese.  Served with a nice tomato salad it would make a very acceptable and unusual supper dish.  If it is successful I will let you know.  

Today for lunch I fancy a corned beef hash which we haven't had in ages but I am short of onions so I will have to resupply.  My veg box usually has onions but not this week however I do have a couple of leeks and I wonder if they would substitute.  

At the moment it is dry but the weather forecast is for yet more rain but not until the afternoon so I will need to get things done this morning.  

Have a good day all and try to stay dry if you can!!!! 

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