Wednesday morning

Good morning all, yesterday was a generally good day though not for James.  He took Tubby up to the shops in the morning and met up with my Japanese neighbour who had three giant schnauzers on leads which ended up in a great coming together with both humans on the floor with leads wrapped around their legs.  No real damage done so later on James slammed his hand in the car door. Meanwhile Denny read Mike the riot act.  She spent many years as a carer so she is quite used to dealing with grumpy old men.  We had had a deluge of rain early in the morning but then it turned out to be a lovely day and I got all the washing done and dried.  I had made a big pot of soup early on and it is amazing how much soup you can make with just one of each of the vegetables I had lurking around.  There is easily enough for lunch again today.  For supper we had some venison burgers with wedges and fried eggs, a real canteen meal.  

Today is bin day so my first job will to get the bins out for the men.  Sadly we have too many bin raiders to put the bins out over night.  Plastic bags are no deterrent to foxes, cats and magpies.  

The breeder of the new puppy has suggested that we pick up on the 16th of December just to be on the safe side so I will go ahead and book up a crossing to go out on the 15th and back 16th.  It will be really nice to have a distraction and though puppies are hard work they do keep you occupied. Training an HPR gundog is quite a task so I will have lots to keep me entertained.  Fortunately I have all the equipment necessary.  This time I will try not to make the same mistakes I made with Basso. I'm sure every dog trainer says the same thing every dog you train you try to do a better job than the last time.  Of course the wealthy send their dogs away to be trained but this costs a fortune and in my opinion ruins half the fun.

Now for an update on the antidepressants my insides have settled down and the nausea has largely subsided but I am still waking in a panic at around 3am which is boring in the extreme.  I am now into the third week so I am still hopeful that this will eventually stop.  In the mean time writing this garbage does serve to distract me.  I find that I really need a nap in the afternoon and fortunately I sleep well for a couple of hours which revitalises me.  

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