Wednesday Morning

By this time tomorrow I should be getting close to Folkestone and the tunnel a nice exciting thought. Yesterday mornings breakfast in Faversham went well Mike and Sandy had the platters with cheeses and cold meats. I on the other hand had serrano ham with scrambled eggs on brown toast with half a large tomato.  The slice of toast was huge and piled high with eggs.  If I had to guess it looked like a minimum of 6 egg more like 9.  Anyway I ate the lot which meant that come lunch time I was anything but hungry.  I had bought some nice nibbling bits and some scotch eggs so we has a sort of mezze supper.  I think Mike was pretty tired out after his excursion but at least I have managed to get him out of the front door. I also had a nice piece of luck in the £1 bag section I found one with three bunches of asparagus and two small lettuces.  I think today may be a good day for an asparagus risotto.  The venison pie should be defrosted by supper time so that will make a nice easy supper with some cavolo nero to accompany it.

Today I have a series of phone calls to make to the credit card provider just to let them know that we will be in France for a couple of days and that my card has not been stolen or cloned. I also need to print out a route map for our journey and ensure that I have the address and telephone numbers I might need if we get lost.  

Next it is time to get the bins out for the bin men and give the dogs their breakfast then make a start on the jobs I need to do.

Have a good day all....

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