Wednesday morning

Good morning all as you can see I am up at stupid o'clock again but at least I don't feel too wobbly which is a bonus. Yesterday's weather was a bit wild but nothing more than the ordinary autumn storms though it did pick up a bit more in the evening.  

Denny came and did her stuff so the house is nice and clean and I managed to get out and do a few errands in the morning including a trip to the butcher.  He had just boned out a stag so I got a couple of pounds of shoulder meat and pile of bones.  The bones went into the stock pot after first getting a good roasting.  I syphoned out a couple of bones which were dog sized and Tubby spent most of the day stripping them.  I hasten to add these bones were in the raw state so they would not splinter.  I now have 2 liters of concentrated jellied stock which will go into the freezer until needed.  Lunch was nice and easy as I had some chicken thighs which I fried off then added a pack of the curry sauce I have in the freezer.  As usual I did rather a lot of rice so James and I ate only half our lunch and saved the rest for supper.  Mike on the other hand demolished his portion so I had to look out a portion of lasagne for him for supper.  Fortunately I have some single portions which I had saved for when we went on holiday.  

I am still in the dark about whether we are going to the British Larder today as I haven't heard from Sandy I am assuming it is off which is not a problem as I have plenty to do today to keep me occupied.  With the situation with her brother in law it would seem sensible to be around to support her sister.  She did say she might pop down to visit me just for a break which is fine and at least she would only be three quarters of an hour from home instead of 3 hours away.  Anyway I hope she gives me a ring when she gets up and lets me know.  In the mean time I will get on with some of the chores of the day.  Being Wednesday all the bins want emptying and putting out for the bin men and I have a pan full of bones and vegetables which need dealing with.  There is at least one meal for the dogs on the bones but I will have to pick them over first.  The stock also needs degreasing and boxing up for the freezer so I had better get on with these jobs just in case.  

Have a good day whatever your plans are and lets hope the wind has finally died down.

P.S. Decision made we are staying at home which is fine by me.
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