Wednesday morning

 This is mum

This is Dad

Good morning all as usual I am up at stupid o'clock but today I am booking the channel crossing to go and look at the puppies 30 -31 October.  Apparently my insurance will cover me fully comp for two days in France provided I give them the exact dates.  So at last something positive to look forward to having missed out on my holiday.  T came to visit Mike again yesterday armed with a prescription for a different type of antidepressant which hopefully might make things a bit better for him.  He has also arranged for the occupational health team to come and see Mike and go through a typical day with him.  He has been weening off his current antidepressants so yesterday he was like a bear with sore head.  Lets hope the new ones kick in soon!!! 

I finally got to grips with the laundry which had built up while I was a basket case.  I also managed to get the bulbs in the ground and change over the window boxes.  Today James is on kitchen duty and he will be making his Mexican speciality of tortilla wraps with a salsa and all the trimmings.  I will have to shoot out to the pharmacy with the new prescription and to sort out the confusion. Apparently Mike phoned them wondering what had happened to his drugs which were in fact delivered last week but he had forgotten.  He has become very forgetful of late.  

We are set for a day of rain according to the weather forecast so I think I will be restricted to indoor chores.  Tubby was like a crazy dog last night bounding around with energy he was obviously missing his evening play fight with Basso which used to wear him out.  Fortunately he likes retrieving a ball so we played a couple of hours of ball chasing to quieten him down.  He had already had a nice long walk in the morning but being young he has boundless energy.  Soon he will find himself on the receiving end of crazy puppy energy and it will be his job to keep the puppy happy.  I can see my garden being torn to shreds with two of them going crackers.

Today being the first of the month I have my usual list of monthly chores to do but at least the pond is bit easier to manage now we have the new filter system in place.  It is also bin day and I have two big wheelie bins full of garden debris to put out for the bin men as Mark cut back loads of bushes which were threatening to consume the garden.  It will soon be time to move the tender plants to the protection of the greenhouse for their winter rest.

Have a good day all..........

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