Tuesday Morning

Yesterday was a fine day weather wise and I finally decided to sort out the pumpkin which I first roasted then made into soup with the remainder of the jar of peppers and the stock from the chicken. I then made a big batch of garlic croutons and served the soup with a flourish of cream.  It was very delicious and we all enjoyed it.  However after such a light lunch we were all starving come supper time so we decided to indulge ourselves and had a very nice take away curry.  The gammon steaks will be on todays menu instead.  My veg box is due today so I will be restocked with
  • potatoes (Triplo) UK
  • carrots (Norwich) UK
  • onions UK
  • beetroot UK
  • black kale UK
  • courgettes ES/IT
  • chestnut mushrooms 200g UK
  • butternut squash FR
However my main trip today will be to have breakfast with Sandy and to restock my coffee supplies which means a trip to Faversham.  I have volunteered to take Mike with me for the outing which might brighten him up a bit.  Especially as we are abandoning him on Thursday and Friday while we are on our puppy mission in France.  We should be back Friday evening loaded down with photos of our chosen pup.  Well thats the theory anyway!!!  It will be the first time James has driven on the continent so it will be a new experience for him.  It will also be his first experience of the tunnel so he is quite excited by the prospect.  It will also serve as a dry run for the pick up in December.  If we are happy with the hotel we choose we will book ourselves in for the December run.  
Well that is the plan for the day the weather looks as if it will be fine and warm all day - nice for those on half term.
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