Tuesday Morning

The weather seems to have turned this morning it is blowing and raining after yesterdays pleasant day. Apparently we are due for a battering today. I spent most of the morning in the kitchen organising lunch which was a simple meal of mince and potatoes with cabbage cooked with some crispy bacon.  Supper was equally easy just a couple of slices of toast smothered in scrambled eggs and smoked salmon which is really a breakfast dish but makes a good supper too.  Though the mince is a simple meal it takes time to get it right and get the mince properly browned off and the onions cooked to perfection.  

I remembered late last night to get out the chicken thighs for today which I intend to make into a curry.  Fortunately the curry sauce is already made and frozen so it shouldn't take too much time. The wonderful Denny is due this morning and she is like a hurricane in the kitchen so I find it easier to stay out of her way.  I may even take the opportunity to pay a trip to the butcher and restock some of the freezer which is still fairly empty following the disaster.  Also my veg box is due so I can build a menu round the contents. 
  • potatoes (marfona) UK
  • carrots (norwich) UK
  • leeks UK
  • romanesco cauliflower UK
  • savoy cabbage UK
  • mixed salad leaves UK
  • celery ES
  • crown prince squash UK
I can see a pumpkin risotto with a green salad and may be some celery soup as I still have some celery in the fridge.

I had a long chat with Sandy who is also treading water with regard to her brother in law. The hospital have, with their permission, withdrawn all treatment with the exception of pain relief and are letting nature take its course.  Very definitely the right decision but difficult none the less.

Well time is marching on and I need to get organised as Denny will be here in 20 minutes and I am still pottering around in my dressing gown.

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