Tuesday Morning

Yesterday was a total washout in more ways than one.  It rained for most of the day and we spent our time dodging showers.  The audiology department called to cancel Mikes appointment and have rebooked it for 11.15 today. This of course means we will get caught in the daily traffic jam to get into the hospital.  

One good point about using the tumble dryer is that many items don't need ironing if they are nicely folded while they are still warm from the machine so the ironing didn't take me long. Then it was into the kitchen and get started on the bolognese sauce which once sauted off is transferred to the slow cooker to finish off.

I slowly sweat off pancetta, carrots, onions, celery and garlic which has been finely diced and then the meat is cooked until it is good and brown before being added to the vegetables.  I did the english variation with tomato passata added.  The authentic version doesn't have tomato.  Anyway it is an extremely convenient way to stretch a pound of mince to make six decent portions once added to the pasta.  

With that underway I turned my attention to lunch for which we had tempura battered Basa fillets from Aldi - they were very tasty accompanied with peas and wedges.  The fish was very tasty but I had no idea what it actually was so a quick trawl on the internet showed it to be a fresh water south east asian fish.  It is quite difficult to get fish these days that has been caught in a sustainable way.  I had also made a big pot of soup from a butternut squash and a tin of green lentils.  Though the soup was tasty the colour left something to be desired as it turned out looking like a plate of mud.  I still have a portion left so I think it will get frozen and Mike can have it when we are off on our French jaunt which is only 16 days away.  I also booked our crossing for the December pick up of the puppy. I thought I would get it done early before things start getting booked up for the christmas rush.  We have had to leave a little extra time to book in as we have to go through pet control first and make sure all the paperwork is in order.  I must admit this is my biggest dread that something will go wrong at this point and I find myself marooned in France with a brand new puppy.  However, fingers crossed we get it all right and there are no problems. I will be mightily relieved once we are back on British soil.  

I have heard nothing from Sandy so I don't know if this is good or bad news and I don't want to keep phoning and making a nuisance of myself.  Her brother in law is 85 and in poor health so we are not expecting miracles.

I woke with a bit of a wobble this morning but it has settled quickly which I think is down to the pills however the underlying cause of the stress and anxiety has not changed and this is where I think my attention should be directed.  Not that I have the faintest clue how solve the problems and I think this is what is causing the tension.  My hopes are firmly pinned on the new puppy to keep me occupied and hopefully he will relieve some of the tension between the men.  Both of whom feel that my attention is lavished on the other one.  Perhaps kicking them both to the sidelines and devoting myself 100% to the dog might make a difference.  

Well thats about it for this morning lunch is going to be a problem as we will be at the hospital for much of the morning so it will have to be something quick and easy.  

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