Tuesday morning

Good morning all it is pretty early again but being retired it doesn't much matter as I can sleep when I am tired.  Yesterday was very cold, wet and windy and apparently we are due for a repeat performance today.  I am trying not to get too puppy orientated but I did order some puppy bedding for the big crate.  Today Denny is due for her fortnightly visit and I'm sure she will be stunned when she finds out about Basso.  

For lunch yesterday we had some salmon fish cakes from Aldi which were really very nice.  I normally make my own but these were very comparable with nice chunks of salmon in them.  Last night we indulged our need for comfort food and had a spaghetti carbonara and a salad.  I find that I have quite a few vegetables left over and as my new box is due today I thought I would convert the leftover veg into soup which will do for lunch.  We usually go out while Denny is here so that she has free run of the house without dogs to help her.  I also vacate the kitchen as that is where she likes to start so it helps if I don't have pots boiling all over the place.  With that in mind I am going to make a start on the soup.  

I still have garlic to plant but I don't think today will be weather for gardening in fact it is already raining so laundry will have to be tumble dried.

Well that about it for this morning not much to report life is a bit tedious at the moment and I feel pretty flat.  It is difficult to decide whether it is the pills or the circumstances.

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