Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was really wet, loads of rain all day however it gave me the opportunity to give my new wet weather jacket a test run.  I had to go to the post office and it was coming down in torrents.  The rain just bounced off the jacket but the same could not be said for my lower half.  By the time I got home my jeans were soaked I do have wet weather trousers but I had not put them on.  I called in at the bakers and bought us some pasties to go with our soup for lunch and for supper I had taken out some duck breasts which I did with padron peppers and saute potatoes. The peppers were a free gift in my veg box.  They are very tasty but though most of them are sweet there is the occasional hot one which makes for a russian roulette meal.  The rest of the day was pretty boring and I watched acres of rubbish on the TV.  

Today I am a bit later with this blog as I have tried a new attack on the panic syndrome.  Spot on 3am I woke all of a flutter but instead of getting up I had a drink and took my sleeping tablet which laid me out until 6.30am which is a bit more human a time to be getting up.  I don't like taking sleeping tablets but this seems to be the way to go.  I still feel a bit of a wet rag most of the day but I guess that is the antidepressants damping down the amount of adrenalin in my system.  Given that I have lived most of my life on caffeine and adrenaline this is a bit of a major change and will take a bit of getting used to.

Shiona is popping over today with the intention of walking her dogs with ours but the weather is still pretty foul and wet.  Tubby was pretty bored yesterday so I put one teaspoon of peanut butter in his kong which took him about 5 hours to lick to his satisfaction by which time he was exhausted.
Kong toy

It is still raining now and loads of leaves have fallen in the garden making it look a bit of a mess but I have no intention of sweeping up leaves until they have all fallen.  Fortunately I have quite a few evergreens in the garden which keeps some structure through the winter months.  I now have a firm pick up date for the new puppy so I will book my channel crossing before it all gets booked up as that close to christmas it does get very busy.  Pick up day is 16th December we have pushed it on one day just to make sure all is in order, the last thing we want is to be held up at the port with a brand new puppy in the car.

Well that about it for today time for my second cup of coffee and get this show on the road.  Have a good day all and try to stay dry if you can!!!!
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