Thursday morning

After the decision was made not to go to the British Larder Sandy came to visit instead.  She brought me some lovely partridges which were frozen in all their clothes.  Well of course we couldn't resist trying Tubby on cold game so we had a couple of blind retrieves in the garden.  A blind retrieve is where the dog doesn't see the bird fall and has no idea where it is.  He takes direction from the handler until his nose gives him a clue where the bird is.  This is particularly difficult with a frozen bird as it gives off very little scent.  Well to everyone's surprise he acquitted himself beautifully.  He picked the bird up gently and didn't shake it which is normal behavior for a terrier.  I only wish we had had the camera at the ready and taken a couple of photos.  I think this would have the shooting fraternity in stitches.

For lunch I did a deconstructed toad in the hole - that is sausages with yorkshire puddings and some cauliflower cheese.  Both Sandy and I were very tired as we had both been up since the wee small hours so soon after lunch Sandy made her way home and I crashed out in bed.  Sadly I didn't sleep so by the evening I was like a wet dish cloth.  We had done loads of sausages as cold sausages never go to waste they seem to evaporate!!!! and guess what not one left this morning.

Today is a real nothing day it is pretty chilly and the sky is very overcast and looks like rain so James has taken the dogs out before it does.  I will have to put my thinking cap on and try to decide what to have for lunch.  I have some nice trout fillets in the freezer so I think they will be on the menu as I can cook them direct from frozen.  The remaining cold potatoes will fry up nicely and a green salad should complete the menu.  I do have a pile of ironing to keep me out of mischief so I had better get on with that before the pile becomes unmanageable.  I solved the problem of the garlic I was supposed to plant by giving it to Sandy to put in her allotment.  She wanted to pay me for them but I will be happy with a couple of head once they have grown.

Well that about it for this morning I am very late up again as I took my sleeping tablet at 3am and then slept on till 8.30 so I feel a little less tired today.  I think the medication is sapping my energy with little beneficial effect.  Anyway have a good day all whatever your plans.

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