Thursday morning

This photo shows an interesting dish that I made following a recipe on the Aldi website.  As you can see there is a hopeful dog waiting in case I should drop any.  Essentially this is four ham and mustard sandwiches which have been quartered and stacked into the dish.  Over these I poured 6 eggs beaten with 200 mls of double cream then a coating of grated cheddar is added and into a 180ºC  oven it goes for 20 minutes. The halved tomatoes are added in a separate dish and the whole lot is given another 20 minutes.  The final dish was very nice and quite unusual, I suppose it is really a savory bread and butter pudding.  The bread I used was cheap and nasty white and the ham was also cheap and nasty finely sliced stuff.  The recipe called for 5 sheets of ham in each sandwich to which I also added a good spread of dijon mustard.  This would be a great way to use up leftover sandwiches from a do of some kind as it doesn't matter if they are a bit curly round the edges.  It would benefit from serving with a nice green salad.  The recipe called for milk rather than cream and much less cheese than I added.  However I used what was available and it turned out fine.  I am now left with half a loaf of the bread which I will freeze and use for breadcrumbs and the leftover ham will no doubt get chopped up and added to an omelette or scrambles eggs.  

Today I woke up very early and very wobbly so I am going to take it easy this morning.  I may even go back to bed and see if I can settle and sleep a bit more before I head for the shower.  

Did any of you see "Trust me I'm a doctor" last night?  I was most interested in the fact that pasta which has been cooled in the fridge overnight and then reheated shows a considerable reduction in calorie value as much of the starch is converted to a form we cannot digest and is then utilised by the gut as fibre.  How good is that!!!!  Cold pasta is good but reheated is even better.  This is something I must try as I love all pasta dishes.  I'm not sure if the same would apply to the starch in potatoes and rice.  

Guess what it is raining again!!!! so I am off to my bed and see if I can't get a bit more sleep.  Have a good day all

P.S. I have just looked it up and yes it works for potatoes. Mine are on boiling now will be cooled then reheated when needed.

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