Thursday Morning

Good morning all, I think the events of the last week are catching up with me and I must admit I am feeling very tired.  It has been an emotional rollercoaster.  The channel crossing has been booked for the 30-31st October so I can go and have a look at the puppies.  I have booked an overnight stay so we don't have to drive like lunatics to do it all in one day. It will also act as a dry run for the pick up day.  We have chosen the tunnel as this will allow us to stay in the car with the puppy.  The ferry insist that dogs are left in cars in the hold and passengers are forbidden from staying in the cars.  I think the trauma of leaving mum and driving with strangers for hours is enough for a little boy without being abandoned in the hold of a ship.  I checked the car insurance which covers me fully comp for the two days without extra payments. Today I will let my credit card provider know that we will be abroad on those days so we don't have any problems with them stopping the card. We will be near Lisieux which is a place of pilgrimage so therefore there will be dozens of hotels where we can get a room for the night.  I think I will need to book the pick up day very quickly as the tunnel will be getting very booked up for Christmas. You can see that I have done all the research possible to make sure that buying over the internet is not going to be a disaster and the breeder is a reputable person.  Sadly puppy farming is a big business.  

Yesterday I braced myself and took Tubby and Nip on the usual walk which was difficult but we were very lucky with the weather as there were huge ominous black clouds heading our way but we got away with a dry walk.  Shiona is due to visit today and no doubt she will have an Aldi list with her.  I finally sorted out Mikes prescription problems and the pharmacy have offered to make up a dosset box which will be delivered weekly so there should be no confusion.  In the end I did none of my monthly chores so they will be on todays list of things to do.  I did however make a big ox cheek stew which is in the slow cooker.  So we have a choice for lunch either the Mexican which got put on hold or the stew.  According to the weather forecast we are in for another wet day but the weather clears up over the weekend.

Now that I have the bit between my teeth the difficult thing is waiting but I will be happily crossing the days off the calendar.  Sandy has offered to help me with training and as she has two good picking up dogs the puppy should learn from them.  I am going to try and train for work rather than for showing but it will depend on the dog.  Tubby already thinks he is a gun dog which he learned from Basso.  I am looking for a white and orange boy so the next burning issue is a name.  Dante appeals to me at the moment as it is Italian but easily pronounced by the English.  Basso usually got called Basil.  

Well that about it for today my second mug of coffee is calling me.  Which reminds me a trip to the wonderful shop in Faversham is in order as my coffee stocks are getting low.

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