Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was a real washout for me as I felt pretty terrible all day.  No reason in particular so I can only put it down to the medication which seems to be making my mood very volatile.  One day I am fine the next not so good.  Hopefully it will even out over time but it is a bit of a bore at the moment.  Anyway enough of that, I promised to report on the cold and reheated pasta.  I had cooked tagliatelle and though they were quite edible they really lost something in terms of texture.  You couldn't describe them as al dente but if they were in fact much fewer calories then I guess I could live with that.  The texture was much more like fresh pasta which is generally much softer.  I think more robust pasta like penne would be a better bet.  The leftovers got converted into a frittata for supper.  

I really should have gone to the shops but I wasn't in the mood so that will be on my agenda for today and as yet I have nothing in mind for lunch.  It will need to be something fairly quick as the shops don't open until 10am being Sunday.  I have some leeks which I intend to make into creamed leeks which would go rather well with some pork chops and not take too long to cook.  I am also clean out of milk and potatoes.  The potatoes will be given the boil and cool treatment which works really well. I may give rice a go but I know there are problems with cold rice and it does need to be cooled very quickly and then reheated very well.  This is where I would like a commercial blast chiller!!!! However, if I spread the cooled rice on a tray and give it half an hour in the freezer the effect might be the same.  

Yesterday was another rain free day so my salt is still in blobs on the patio and I think I may just run the hose over it and get rid of it that way.  My winter flowering clematis was planted as soon as it arrived but it is just sitting there.  It looks healthy but there is no sign of any growth yet so I think it will take a while to cover the new trellis which looks very stark at the moment.  The cuttings I took from the fuchsia have all failed but then I did expect that as they were all flowering shoots.  I must admit that as a plant it has been wonderful and is still covered in flowers.  I only hope it is as hardy as they say it is and survives the winter.

Well that is the plan for today nothing very exciting I am just treading water at the moment and wishing the days away until I can go and see the puppies.  

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