Sunday Morning

Good morning all, it is an early one this morning and I am feeling a wobbly but nowhere near as bad as I have been.  Yesterday was a very uneventful day James took the dogs out first thing and they all got soaked but nothing a towel couldn't cure.  Showers came and went for most of the day but in between it was warm and sunny.  The chicken I did for lunch went down well and I managed to finish off a packet of long grain and wild rice to go with it.  Supper was an easy one we just had a fry up of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.  

I had a chat with Sandy on the phone and she is having a difficult time as her brother in law was rushed to hospital in the wee small hours with a suspected stroke.  He was still unconscious when I spoke with her at around 5pm which doesn't sound too good.  The results of the MRI scan had not yet come through so it is not yet clear exactly what has happened.  I suppose it is an age thing the older you get the more of the people you know start to crumble.  Almost all my friends have one relative or another having health problems.  

Today I am planning to do a roast pork lunch and as instructed the pork has been in the fridge overnight drying so lets hope the crackling is good.  I am now going to take it out of the fridge to reach room temperature before it goes in the oven.  The last time we had roast pork I had half a jar of applesauce left so I stuck it in the freezer which has worked well and there is enough for today.  

According to the weather forecast we are in for more rain right through until Wednesday so after a very dry September it looks like we are going to make up for it in October.  

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