Sunday morning

Yesterday was a really wet one at least the afternoon was.  Fortunately I had got out early and had done a bit of planting so the rain was welcome to water in the plants.  I also did the the filter on the pond and got that cleaned before the weather turned.

I have been feeling very tired and my insides are playing up but I think this is all due to the antidepressants which are making me feel pretty rotten.  It is quite difficult to cook when you are feeling nauseated.  Shopping too is difficult as nothing is appealing.  Today is Mikes 75th birthday but he is not in the mood to celebrate so I am just going to make a chicken curry for lunch.  Nice and easy for me as I have some chicken thighs and I have already made the curry sauce so all that is required is some defrosting and assembling.  I understand that the tablets will take between 2-8 weeks to kick in but I hope the side effects subside soon.  I guess the tiredness is just the reduction in adrenalin which has been keeping me upright for quite a while.

I dug up some of the elephant garlic and you can see that one clove is the same size as an entire head of normal garlic.  It is however much milder in flavour and with such huge cloves it is easy to grate and chop.  It also roasts really well and is very easy to grow.  It would even look good in a border as the flower heads reach some 5 foot in height.  

Well that about it for this morning not much to report life just chugs along in the usual mundane way. 

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