Saturday morning

Good morning all it is another early start for me but I did sleep a lot yesterday.  I woke with the almighty flutters which refused to dissipate despite my attempts to distract myself.  I was in Tesco by 6am and ran round getting a few bits then back home and out to the paper shop with Tubby while Mike got dressed and ready then it was off to the hairdresser dropped Mike off.  While he was having his hair cut James and took the dogs for a walk near the Naval Memorial on the top of the Great Lines which over look Chatham. Then back to collect Mike after an hour and home in time for me to cook lunch.  We had some lovely tempura battered fish fillet which we had with buttered peas and carrots. I was still all of a flutter and feeling exhausted so I took to my bed and slept solidly for 3 hours waking at last flutter free.  Neither James nor I felt like supper so Mike had a couple of individual pizzas.  I was back in bed asleep by 10pm so lack of sleep is not the problem.

Terry came to visit Mike at 2pm and they had the hour long chat which Mike finds helpful.  I think it makes a difference that Terry is male because Mike listens to him and though he says nothing that I have not been saying for months.  An occupational therapist is going to come and see Mike early next month and try to find out how to motivate him.  With this I wish her the best of luck!!!!  I have tried both carrot and stick to no avail.

Today I have a pile of laundry to get done and I took out some venison yesterday and this morning it will be made into a venison and chestnut casserole for lunch.  Together with some savoy cabbage and some spuds it should make enough for two meals one of which can go in the freezer for a later date. According to the weather forecast we should have a dry day today so a good one for laundry. 

Well that is the plan for the day, the coffee machine is screaming for a descale so I will make a start on that before the others are up and looking for coffee. Have a good one all.
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