Saturday morning

I think these have to be the reddest autumn leaves I have seen and they belong to a blueberry bush.

Yesterdays meal from the Aldi recipe went down well but I forgot how much quicker the halogen oven is so it was ready rather sooner than expected however this did give me time to degrease it thoroughly and to reduce the gravy considerably.  It was a very nice way to deal with what is a very cheap cut of meat - breast of lamb.  There was easily enough for four people or three people and two dogs.

Terry came to visit Mike and they had a long chat and finally we managed to get the prescription for his medication sorted out.  He now has a months supply which I hope means we will have some peace from chasing people to get what is needed.  The problems arose from the doctors not communicating the changes with one another.  So much for computerisation!!!! Like most things it seems to be a communication breakdown.  The pharmacy were really great and did all they could but their hands are tied until the medics get their act together.   

Today we are having pasta with bolognese sauce.  The pasta was boiled yesterday and cooled overnight in the fridge so when I reheat it it should be reduced in calorie value by 50% which can only be good news.  I intend to heat it through in boiling water before adding it to the sauce which I believe is how it is often done in restaurants.  Anyway I will let you know the outcome tomorrow.  

Yesterday I decided to kill some of the weeds on the patio by sprinkling some salt on them hoping that the next shower would wash it in.  However we had a completely dry day and night so I still have blobs of salt all over the place.  My timing really does leave something to be desired!!!! fortunately the dogs are not interested in the salt so no harm done.

Well thats about it for this morning I am beginning to get excited as it is only 12 days to go before the puppy run.  It is going to be absolute torture waiting until December to pick up the little guy.  

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