Saturday Morning

Good morning all, another week passes by and here we are at the weekend again.  Yesterday was a another mixed bag of a day with intermittent showers and even some thunder and lightening.  From what I have seen of the weather forecast the weekend will also be the same sort of weather.  I went out to do some shopping in brilliant sunshine but the heavens opened just as I was on my way back to the car.  Did I have my waterproof coat on? No of course not why would you in lovely sunshine.  

T came to see Mike and was pleased with his progress.  They had a long chat and Mike was very happy as he really likes T and seems to listen to what he has to say which sadly is what we have been telling him for months to no avail.  Anyway, I don't really care who he listens to so long as he does listen to someone.  If I tell him he should do something he sees it as nagging but if T tells him that is completely different.

For lunch I had dragged out the ox cheek stew which I served with some curly kale which has to be one of my favourite vegetables.  None of us felt much like eating at lunch time so a good portion of the stew ended up in the dogs bowls.  They were much more appreciative of my cooking and though they had died and gone to heaven.  I bought a piece of pork to roast for tomorrow and I will be taking the advice of the British Larder and leave the meat in the fridge overnight uncovered to allow the skin to dry out and thus make good crackling.  On todays menu I am going to do some saute chicken thighs with cream and mushrooms and serve it with some rice.  It seems to me that there is not much you serve with cream and mushrooms which is not lovely.  

I had a bit of a ropey night as I could not get off to sleep until gone midnight and was awake just 4 hours later so I feel a bit tired.  However the good news is no panic attack that is two days in a row so perhaps the worst is over at last.  I feel quite frustrated that I had to resort to medication but I must admit that if it stops the worst of it I think I did the right thing.  The next problem is how do you know when you are able to stop taking the medication?  there is no knowing whether you feel fine because of the medication or because you are better.  Anyway it is early days yet but I can quite understand why people stop taking their medication and then relapse. I have no intention of falling into that trap but equally I don't want to take unnecessary medication or become dependant on it.  I am hopeful that the new puppy will be enough of a distraction to lift my spirits so maybe by Christmas I will be ready to try stopping.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

The light is just creeping over the horizon so time I got going. The chicken is in the freezer so I had better get it out and start the defrosting process if we are to have it for lunch.  The washing machine is full of wet washing but I don't think I am even going to try and dry it outside it will go straight into the tumble dryer.  

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