Saturday morning

Good morning all I had a lovely morning with Sandy at Macknades pottering around looking at all the lovely stuff.  I picked up a £1 bag that had 6 yellow and 2 green peppers in it.  Together with the two red I had at home they have all been put through the oven to remove the skins and today I will make a big pepper salad out of them.  I also bought some "black watch" scotch eggs which we had for lunch.  They are made with a large amount of black pudding in the crust and are truly delicious. Shane my fishmonger also rang to say the boys had been fishing and he had some lovely large trout so I had a couple of those all filleted and prepared.  No one fancied the stew so that is going in the freezer for another time.  

My winter flowering clematis arrived in the post so today I need to prepare the ground where it is going to be planted and then get it in the ground.  I hope it makes some quick growth as the trellis looks a bit bare at the moment.  I also have some garlic to plant but that will need a vegetable bed dug over so may take a little while.  According to the weather forecast it is due to be a wet day but it said that yesterday and it was in fact a lovely sunny day.

Clematis napaulensis
Not sure how long it will take to make growth like this but I have all the time in the world.

I am persevering with the antidepressants which are making my mood swing like a pendulum from despair to elation and back again.  However they are keeping the panic attacks at bay which is what I wanted from them so no real complaints.  It does however mean I am less able to cope with Mikes volatile moods.  I must admit that I am angry that all the mayhem has forced me to this position but then I suppose we all have our limits and better to deal with it before I really crack up.  I thought I would keep you informed on the antidepressant front as it is the first time I have ever found myself in this position so it is an interesting learning experience.  

Well that about it for this morning time I got myself in the shower and then made a start on the days chores.

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