Monday morning

The clocks have changed and we are back to GMT which has not only confused the dogs but me too.
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I woke at 2am well there was no way I was getting up at that time so I went back to sleep and suddenly it was 6.30 a much more reasonable time to get up.  Yesterdays roast chicken fulfilled its promise and fed us for both lunch and supper.  All the bones and carcass are now waiting for me to convert them to stock.  I have two options I could use the pressure cooker and get it done fast or the slow cooker where it can take its time.  All the laundry got sorted out and the ironing done so I have a few days of peace from that.  

Now next on the agenda is the eternal problem of what to have for lunch.  I bought some gammon steaks which were on special offer so I think they will be my choice.  If I get them out of the freezer now they should defrost in time.  I still have some cold boiled potatoes which will fry up nicely to accompany them and perhaps a fried egg.  I am not fond of gammon and pineapple, so a fry up seems the best bet.  I also have a medium sized pumpkin which I think will end up as soup, perhaps utilising the chicken stock once it is made.  I must admit that I find pumpkin a difficult vegetable to deal with as it largely flavourless.  

Anyway with this late start it is time I got going I can hear James alarm clock but he is out cold having had a really bad night.  He was still awake at 2am so he has only had a couple of hours sleep and has to get up now as he has an appointment this morning.  I really hate waking people who are asleep it is such a precious thing but needs must so I will make him a coffee and get him up.  

Thats about it for this morning I need to get going quickly so I will bid you all a good day 

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