Monday morning

Up later this morning but I did wake in a froth again at 3am however I took a sleeping tablet and tucked myself back down and managed to sleep until 6am which is better than nothing.  Yesterday was a relatively peaceful day we got to Aldi just after 9.30 which ensured a parking slot and were amazed to see people queuing around the block waiting to get in.  I had already walked to the corner store to get some milk and bumped into one of the neighbours who asked after Basso so I had to break the sad news but quickly followed it with the good news.  People are very kind and realise he may well have been just a dog but he meant the world to me.

James and I whistled round the shop and I got the chops to go with the creamed leeks I had already made.  I cooked the chops in the halogen oven with a quartered eating apple and some of the potatoes from the fridge.  Having been relatively good at lunch we had a complete carbohydrate blow out for supper.  Beef and onion pies with chips and beans, nothing really wholesome but every now and again there is nothing like a pile of fat and carbs.

Today I have some mince to deal with and as yet I haven't made any plans as to what to do with it.  It could end up just being mince and potatoes to go with the cabbage which is languishing in the vegetable rack along with a very small cauliflower.  The cauliflower is small enough to make a cauliflower cheese for one so I may stow that in the freezer for Mike while we are away in France.

As luck would have it we had a small downpour very early in the morning which has dispersed all my salt blobs and saved me the job of watering them in.  The rest of the day was generally sunny and quite warm for the time of year so the laundry dried well on the line and the ironing will be minimal.

I am still not sure if our jaunt on Wednesday will be on the cards as yet I have heard nothing from Sandy but I did assure her that her brother in law was the priority.  It is just a waiting game but I will not be too disappointed if it doesn't come off.  I have to book Mike in for a haircut as he looks like worzel gummidge at the moment.

Anyway that is about it for this morning time I got underway and did something constructive.  Have a good day all

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