Monday morning

The only thing in flower with the exception of some roses

Yesterday was another soggy one and this morning it is still raining.  I did the roast pork as instructed and leaving uncovered in the fridge over night certainly dried out the skin which then made the most wonderful crackling.  Not a square inch was soggy or soft and it shattered when hit with the back of a knife.  I would recommend this to you next time you decide to do a pork joint.  With it we had an assortment of vegetables peas, cauliflower, carrots and roast potatoes and of course some sage and onion stuffing.  As I had got up bright and early once my stomach was full I fell into my bed and slept like the dead for a good couple of hours.  I decided to go ahead with some laundry as the weather forecast is bad for the next few days so it was a case of using the tumble dryer.  

Tubby had us in stiches in the evening he has discovered that with a kong in his mouth he can use it as a bat and make his ball run about the floor.  He is a very bright cookie and has largely given up trying to provoke Nip into a game and once he has tired us out he plays by himself.

Supper last night was largely a case of clearing up the leftovers, Mike had the cold meat I had the leftover vegetables and James had a fillet of fish which was going spare.  Catering for three is difficult as most things come in two or four.  The fish is for todays lunch but there were 4 fillets so one did James for supper.

Today I have to take Mike to audiology to get his hearing aid repaired and hopefully that will make life a bit more tolerable for him.  Deafness is very isolating and does nothing for your depression.  I can remember making this point with student nurses who were asked to wear ear plugs and some had their vision blurred with glasses smeared with a little vaseline.  It didn't take them long to switch off completely and give up either trying to listen or see what was going on.  There is nothing like a bit of first hand experience to make a point.  When I was a student we all had to have a bed bath and be fed by our colleagues neither of which experience I would recommend.

I have woken this morning feeling fine so yesterdays wobble was just that.  In the freezer I have some mince so today I am going to make a big pot of bolognese sauce some of which we will have for supper the rest will be frozen for a day when I am not in the mood to cook.  However, first I have to unload the dishwasher which is a job I hate.  I should be pleased that everything is clean but some how it seems like a really boring chore.  I often find myself washing up by hand which is some how more satisfying.  Well that is the plan of campaign for today I am now going to brave the rain and get the meat out of the freezer.  

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