Monday morning

Well good morning all yesterday saw me sleep for most of the day.  I was up as usual at the crack of dawn then went back to bed and slept until 9am.  After lunch I crashed out again for a good 2 hours and in between I just felt really tired.  I feel as if I am catching up on about 20 years of loss of sleep. 

The curry we had for lunch was fine and I had a bit of an idea what to do with one of the huge cloves of garlic - I just chopped it finely and fried it until nut brown then stirred it into the cooked rice.  I recommend this to you it was delicious. As usual I had done too much rice, I am a really poor judge of quantity when it comes to rice, however the dogs don't mind a bit as they love it.  I seem to have just about enough energy to nearly fill a thimble.  This is not like me at all.

This morning I came to with a panic attack at 1.30am and finally managed to get back to sleep at around 3am.  I find if I put my TV on and use it as a radio that usually diverts my attention from myself and I do drift off again.  I find this really weird as I have no idea what starts off these attacks. Heaven only knows what is going on in my head while I am asleep!!!! These attacks never seem to bother me during the day which is pretty odd.  Anyway I am persevering with the antidepressants and hope that eventually they will make things better.  I am reporting what is happening just in case any of you ever find yourselves needing this type of medication you will be aware of just how rotten they make you feel in the initial stages.  I must admit the temptation to abandon them is huge.

According to the weather forecast we are in for heavy rain all day today but as yet it is still dry and sun rise is not until 7am.  Tomorrow is due to be sunny so the laundry can wait for a day.  I will have to nip to the shops as the milk supplies are non existent.  I drink my coffee black so I often fail to notice the milk levels.  I usually have some long life in the garage but even those supplies are depleted.  Fortunately the paper shop at the top of the road sells milk so I will nip up there before the rain starts.

I hope the rain doesn't disrupt your day too much

Could you resist one of these chaps?
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