Friday morning

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag of a day both emotionally and weather wise.  We had some lovely sunshine and some torrential downpours.  I decided that as I take my medication as soon as I wake that this was not the best idea and so I have now decided to take last thing at night which I hope will mean that the blood levels are high when I wake instead of at their lowest ebb.  So far so good I have slept very well and woken much later than usual.  This could be an aberration but maybe I have cracked the problem of waking very early and wobbly.

I did another recipe from the Aldi collection for our lunch which was a tray bake of chicken with lemon and thyme.  Which I served with potatoes which were hopefully less calories than normal as they had been pre boiled and cooled.  Today I am doing yet another recipe from the collection which is a breast of lamb slow roast in the spanish style with chorizo, red peppers and tomatoes.  It sounds good but will require 3 hours in the oven so I think I may well use the halogen oven and save a few pence.  I also intend to try the pasta trick so I will boil a portion and put it in the fridge overnight and reheat it the following day.  This should reduce the calorie value by half!!!! I think the pasta might suffer a bit but with a saving like that who cares.

I have spent the best part of the week struggling to get Mikes prescription filled with no success so today as T is visiting I will see if he can expedite matters. 

We are due to go to a game cookery event at the British Larder in Suffolk on the 22nd but it is doubtful if Sandy will make it as her brother in law is going down hill, which is probably for the best. Anyway we will just have to wait and see how nature takes its course.  Shiona is back off to Scotland to visit her mother so she will be unable to come.  At this rate I may well be going alone.  Anyway it will probably do me good to have a day away.  

Now I need to get my act together as I am up much later than normal and I hear my second cup of coffee and the shower calling me.  Have a good day all........
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