Friday Morning

Yesterday was a day of sunshine and showers but we managed to get out with all the dogs for a nice walk.  Shiona had brought her two dogs with her and all of them had a blast in the water.  When we arrived at the carpark it was full of police cars and a forensic investigation van.  They had cordoned off part of the area but our usual walk was open.  According to the local news a man had approached a woman and then run away - doesn't sound much like a crime to me so maybe they are under reporting or the local police were bored.  Anyway I will keep my eyes peeled in the local press and see if anything actually happened.  

Shiona was feeling a little under the weather so we decided to have an easy lunch and went to the kebab shop.  Of all the takeaways that seems the most healthy after all what is wrong with some grilled meat, salad and pita bread.  Supper was equally easy just a bowl of pasta with homemade pesto and as I had lots of pine nuts I added a few extra which had been toasted.  

Good news on the panic front I woke this morning panic free for the first time this week so maybe the pills are finally kicking in. I really do hope so as it is a most unpleasant feeling.  T is coming to see Mike this morning who is showing some signs of improvement but we have been here before only to relapse so I am not holding my breath. He has also broken one of his hearing aids and I have booked him an appointment for Monday morning to go to the audiology department and get it fixed.  He hates wearing them so he is not that unhappy!!!!  

Outside next door now has a sold sign so I guess we are in for new neighbours though we have no idea who or when they are moving in.  So far we have been really lucky with our neighbours on that side all of whom have been really nice people.  In fact we are blessed with lots of nice people in our road.  

With all the rain we have had this week I haven't managed to get out and plant my garlic but maybe the weather will improve over the weekend and I might get a chance.  Sadly having left the veg beds to their own devices this year they are full of weeds and need to be well prepared before I do any planting.  I would like to get the beds dug over before the winter really sets in as the frosts will help break up the soil and kill off the weeds.  The chicken run is also a weed infested plot but I am sure when I reintroduce some hens next year they will make short work of the greenery.  I must admit I have missed having my own eggs but with all the other things going on I have not missed the work of looking after them and I think leaving it until next spring is a sensible idea.

Well it is just getting light so I am off to the freezer to hunt down something for lunch today.  I have an ox cheek stew which will fit the bill and just needs reheating.  I have become very lazy in the kitchen but I hope as I feel better in myself my spark for cooking will return.  On the 22nd I am due to drive up to Suffolk to the British Larder for another of their demonstrations which will be game this time.  With no picking up dog I will not be at the shoots this year so my freezer will not be filled with pheasants.  We will have to see how I get on with the new puppy but I doubt he will be ready for next year.  Though I might take him just for the experience and to watch how the job is done but that is a long way down the line.

As you can imagine I am counting the days!!!!!

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