Friday morning

Yesterday was a bit of mixed bag.  Mike was in a very belligerent mood which I am putting down to his change over of antidepressants.  But it did make life a bit uncomfortable.  Fortunately Shiona has had to deal with stroppy patients so she was not phased.  We took the dogs for a walk and then swung by Aldi on the way home so Shiona could restock her chocolate supplies.  The mexican meal made a very nice lunch and I was so stuffed that a bowl of cereal did me for supper.

Today I am meeting Sandy in Faversham for breakfast and to purchase more coffee and no doubt I will pick up a few nice bits of cheese.  They stock a huge range of cheeses from all over the place both english and continental.  The stew will do for lunch and supper will be bits and pieces that I buy today.

I find I am wishing my life away and can't wait for the end of the month and my french trip.
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