Wednesday morning

Good morning all it is raining here and we are forecast a wet day.  I for one am not complaining as the garden really needs a good soak.

Denny came and did her thing so we are all nice and tidy but today is going to be a busy one.  Len and Margaret are coming to visit Mike so that should cheer him up a bit.  I am not sure if Shiona is coming too.  Then we are expecting the psychiatric nurse to come and assess Mike at 2pm, however to confound us all he has made an effort and even did some washing up.  Perhaps the threat of the assessment has kicked him into action.  Frankly I don't mind what works just so long as it does.  

Basso had a bad day yesterday and was very reluctant to eat however he did make a pig of himself the day before so maybe he didn't feel he needed it.  I managed to get the last of his antibiotics into him with the one thing he cannot resist Frankfurters.  He is very weak and has trouble getting back on his feet if he slips over.  I think this is going to be a long haul to get him back up to his proper weight and fit again.  The terrible panting has subsided but he gets very breathless on exertion.  We are due at the vet again tomorrow morning just at the time the man is coming to do the carpets.  This will take a bit of juggling.  Tonight I will strip out the dining room of the movable furniture so he has a clear run.  Tubby has reopened the cut on his foot and covered the kitchen in claret so he is back with his foot in an bandage.  He is very good about it and doesn't seem to mind the bandage, what I really don't want is another bleed on my newly shampooed carpet.

James had a meeting with the RBLI and they are very pleased with his progress.  He has put in huge efforts to get himself up and running again despite his injuries and the constant pain which must be very wearing.

I had a bit of a ropy day but I guess that is the tablets that make you worse before they make you better.  However, I did make us a nice macaroni cheese for supper and I have a chili con carne in the slow cooker for lunch today.  I find myself with loads of celery so I am going to dice some and freeze it, no good for salads but fine for soups and stews etc.  I also have a couple of sweet corns which are not enough for three so I think they will end up as sweet corn fritters.  I also have the inevitable bunch of beetroots so I will cook them and hope to palm them off on someone else.  

Anyway that is about it for this morning so I will go and make a start on the vegetables and get the bins out for the bin men.  Have a great day all.........

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