Wednesday Morning

Well the good news is that after constant pestering I have managed to arrange an appointment for Mike for next Wednesday.  I am seeing some unknown doctor on Friday so I can fill in a bunch of forms which may get me some counselling to help me cope better with the current situation.  James is now back from his friends house so at least I have a bit of help around the house.  At last we are no longer in limbo land.

Basso is still unwell and we are off to the vet again this morning.  His temperature has come down  a bit and other than being a bit off colour he is showing no other symptoms.  He does however think I am a pervert.  The vet wanted a urine sample from him so I have had to follow him around with my receptacle.  He tried hiding in the hedges and kept looking over his shoulder at me with a look of consternation as to why he could not just relieve himself in private.  Anyway it is a good job no one had a video camera or we would be making money from "You've been Framed".  I managed to get the specimen in the end but what a caper it was.

We returned from the vet yesterday morning after Basso had had a second blood test taken and all the dogs were jumping around pleased to see us back.  We then noticed that there was blood being splattered all over the dining room carpet.  I quickly checked Basso to see it he was bleeding but no it was Tubby who has some how managed to cut his paw.  He was very excited and scampering about all over the place and blood was going everywhere.  We finally managed to get a bandage on his foot and I then set too with the bicarbonate of soda getting the blood stains out of the carpet.  I have done a reasonable job of clearing up but the time to have the whole carpet cleaned has finally been reached.  So on my to do list for today will be to ring up a carpet cleaner and organise to have the carpet done.

This weeks holiday of mine is turning into quite an exciting time I now have 2 defective men and 2 defective dogs to look after.  If my life were a Mills and Boon book you would say it is ridiculous and quite unbelieveable. One thing is for certain it isn't boring and it throws into sharp relief the people you can rely on and those you cannot.  Now all I need is the very handsome chiseled jawed rescuer to ride in on his white charger and solve all my problems in one fell swoop.  While I wait for this miracle I guess I will just plod on.   I have a large chicken in the fridge which I think I will roast for lunch today and cold tomorrow and some soup with the bones.  Oh and by the way the pond is leaking!!!!!
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