Wednesday morning

Well the shit has really hit the fan - I knew that Mike would cut up rough and try to scupper our holiday.  Suffice to say it looks like he may have succeeded.  He successfully provoked James into an explosion and he took off before blood was spilled.  So I will sit here and wait to see what happens. We have a few days for things to calm down before we are due to leave but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will take more than that to sort things out.  In the mean time I have had a completely sleepless night and I am sick with worry and fuming with anger that 6 months of hard work rebuilding trust and confidence have be shattered with a few well chosen words.  On the plus side I have shorter hair, a clean house and a nice tidy garden.  The bins are out for the bin men and I am going to get stuck into a big pile of ironing which will keep me occupied while I wait to see what is going to happen.
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